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Hello, we are Bareska

We're an award winning video production agency, specialists in content for a mobile-first world.



We get you seen and heard in a crowded online world. We make beautiful branded content and put it in front of the people you want to reach. Our content is designed for long-term marketing strategies and includes regularly updated content. Our outputs are produced to achieve pre-defined goals across multiple channels. We don’t leave anything to chance!

Content tailored for mobile

We live in a mobile-first world. We specialise in producing content for mobile campaigns and platform. Our high quality content is produced to integrate seamlessly with any digital campaign.

Increase your views

We’ll get you seen, liked and linked more because we can tap into the thousands of opportunities your audience create when they surf online.

Digital Strategy

Our amazing content is planned and meticulously implemented, measured and adapted whenever necessary to ensure the greatest successes at all times.

Meticulous planning

We don’t believe in making video and hoping for the best. Everything we do is focused on achieving multiple specific goals, be it to raise awareness, generate new leads or increase subscriptions. Every video across every platform is planned to be different. Why leave it to chance?

Fluid and Agile

Once your content is deployed, our team will live monitor the success of every video and make instant changes where weaknesses are identified!

Collaborative and open

We believe in honest and open dialogue. We’re really happy for you to be part of the collaborative creative process. We like to have fun while we work!

Seconds to engage viewer


New bits of content per year


Conversions Increase

Videos to strategy

Top drawer expertise

We have truly great team of really experienced industry professionals in Bareska. They have backgrounds in film, television, advertising and digital marketing. We have an enviable network of trusted partners too so you can be safe knowing your campaign couldn’t be in better hands.

Value and ROI

Your success and satisfaction from our work is what drives us. Everything we do for all of the amazing people we work with is driven by that end success and ensuring it comes true!

We're new but highly experienced

Our teams are comfortable in a every situation. We’ve filmed with the Army surrounded by stuff being blown up and large financial brands in corporate environments where material is crucially sensitive.


We’re a friendly bunch always willing to collaborate, listen and share. We like good music, food and prioritise a fab work to life balance in everything we do. It’s why our work is so good.

Award winning

We might not have been around very long as a business but we’ve already picked up a couple of awards. More rewarding and valued though are our great customer testimonials.


We don’t sit on our laurels. We’re constantly looking for new ways to make our work more successful. We’re one of the first agencies to shoot content to be delivered straight to mobile for example.


Stunning content, developed and produced with love.